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“I go to school at Georgia Southern, I’m actually a writing major, and people see my writing before they see me. Frequently I’ve been told you know, like “Oh, I didn’t know that someone who looked like you could write like this.”  I mean I could be the top of my class, have the highest grade, have the best commentary, but the color of my skin says that I can’t be a good writer until I prove to them otherwise.” 

Story of my high school and undergrad life.


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i reject the notion that there is only one way to express black womanhood

a black woman can be a bad bitch and an intelligent queen

or neither

or every thing in between

and still be absolutely enough to be qualified as worthy of respect


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"I don’t need to change my image with every single album. I don’t want to throw my wigs away. I don’t want to throw my outfits away. I want to celebrate them because these are the inventions that got me to where I am."

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